Unixtar HDMI2.1 UHS Active Cable

Unixtar Announce the First Certified Active Ultra High Speed HDMI® Cable in worldwide. Unixtar HDMI2.1 UHS Active Cable, 10M 通過 HDMI® Forum UHS AOC 認證, 也是全球第一條獲得HDMI 2.1 Active Optical Cable (主動式光纖) 認證的產品

Unixtar glad to announce the worldwide first certified HDMI2.1 Active optical Cable, 10M (model# UT-H21SL-0100) is the first active cable assembly to achieve certification under the Ultra High Speed HDMI® Cable Certification Program (UHS Program). Certification testing performed in GRL’s Taipei, Taiwan facility.

Unixtar certified HDMI2.1 AOC adopt Silicon Line HDMI2.1 module, with unique ultra-low power module architecture, featuring an in-house chipset designed specifically for HDMI UHS AOCs and innovative Optical Sub Assembly (OSA) technology, does not require external power.

實英實業股份有限公司(Unixtar, 大陸工廠為东莞实英电子有限公司)的HDMI 2.1 Ultra High Speed HDMI® Active Cable(HDMI 2.1 UHS Active Cable)通過了HDMI Forum 於2020年11月推出的HDMI 2.1 Category3 Active Cable CTS的標準認證, Unixtar也成為全球第一家取得HDMI 2.1 UHS Active Cable認證的OEM/ODM。

此認證測試由Granite River Labs (GRL)實驗室進行驗證, Unixtar 認證的AOC 採用的德國知名廠商Silicon Line 2.1模組, 獨特的超低功耗模組架構,具有專為HDMI UHS AOC設計的內部晶片組以及創新的光學零組件(OSA)技術,採用低功耗且不需要外部電源

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