The Concept of Running a Business
Remark made by the chairman

Thirty-two years have elapsed unnoticeably following the efforts we made day by day and Unixtar was set up 32 years ago, we made a wish to make it the brightest and the most colorful one in the world. The hardships we have encountered all the way have turned the original firm, Unixtar , a company like a worthless stone to some people, into the present

One that shines brightly in its trade. Many temptations and crucial tests in progress often caused one to get lost in his endeavors to set up a business. We have been able to progress steadily on the right road and this, I firmly believe, has much to do with my personal character and behavior.

Unixtar has been in operation in the cable trade for 32 years and we have been playing a leading role whether in the aspect of production capacity, quality control, or market occupancy We are also one of the vanguards making investment in China mainland. Nevertheless, we shall never be satisfied with what we have achieved and consequently, we determinedly stepped into the electronic field in 1996. In a very short period of several years, we became the most dependable supplier in the field of USB, IEEE1394, and other related items. Though we started a business in cable trade, yet we have realized “wireless” shall be the unavoidable trend in the future. Besides ,we have noticed that the combination of wireless and photo-electricity shall be the main stream in future business and for this reason, we have aggressively tried to develop various kinds of wireless photo-electric items. It is really hard for us to sever our feelings toward the cable which has helped us create a glorious record and this has prompted us to develop photocell products which are of high value because of the value added to the finished items. Backed by high caliber personnel who have helped us produce excellent products and render after sales services and technical support, we have full confidence in enjoying a reasonable shares on future market. When these factors are combined together, we are assured of a very bright future as it was in the very beginning of setting up Unixtar 30 years ago and again a brightest star in the universe shall rise from the horizon.

I have to stress that without persistence, no task can be achieved. One may appear very successful but the success can only be temporarily As a result, the success like this is only an illusion and what we want to seek is a permanent and lasting success, that is, a “Real success” as the one I meant. I believe anything going on uninterrupted for 30 years is not an easy matter, and this is especially true when a small company set up by a man has, after having exerted endeavors repeatedly, grown into the current one. Therefore, I can say with certainty that ours is a company which is now full-fledged. I believe that only a firm that has the experience of success shall most probably be operated continuously and the successful experience enjoyed by “Shiying” shall suffice for us to realize our concept in future planning. However, the future market trend will force us to make more investments and render better services to our customers; therefore, we are planning to make our shares available to the investors over the counter in 2003. This shall be done with steady progress and greatest speed. Today we are making more endeavors than we did in the past because the spirit of Unixtar is: “Do your utmost and never stop.”